After opening in Shanghai, a sold-out Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Mrs. Picasso travelled to the museum Beelden aan Zee during the Picasso exhibition Picasso by the sea. Mrs. Picasso is packing her bags for the next shows in Europe on her onward journey as a backpack theatre. Shows will be announced soon! 


‘Mrs. Picasso’ is a unique solo performance about the struggle between art and love, heard through the stories of two of Pablo Picasso’s women. There is Olga Khokhlova, the woman Picasso never divorced, and Françoise Gilot, the only woman who dared to leave him. Both ladies are vividly portrayed by Carlijn in a captivating performance in which she explores the boundaries between love and art, between madness and sanity and between leaving and staying.
The third woman is Carlijn herself, who breaks through the conventions of theater in a gutsy yet playful way. As writer and director Harry Piekema says, ‘Carlijn could have easily been Picasso’s muse’.  

The idea for this play was born out of the desire to travel the world with just a backpack and being able to perform everywhere. The result is the truest form of ‘theatre in a backpack’; with only 2 outfits and a beamer, Carlijn can perform literally everywhere.

An intimate and personal performance where Carlijn seduces you to step into her micro cosmos and the world of
Picasso’s women.


When art and love start to battle, nobody is safe.


This performance is based on extensive research. 

However, the end result remains an interpretation of the author and actress.                                               For more information:



Director & script: Harry Piekema

Actress & idea: 

Carlijn van Ramshorst




Olga Khoklova was a Ballet Russe chorus dancer when she married Pablo. Brought up in the Russian higher cultural circles, she introduced him to the first ring of influential art lovers that made him famous.


Picasso left her but never went through with the divorce because op prenuptial arrangements.


Olga fought relentless for the recognition and the money she thought she and her son Paulo and deserved, up to the point where she was stalking Picasso.


She died in 1954, still married to him.

"He changed the world, but he didn't like change... not in me."





Françoise Gilot met Picasso in Paris during the second World War, she 22, he 63.


Being the first woman that matched Picasso intellectually, Francoise became an artist in her own right during their 10 year relationship, next to taking care of Pablo's affairs and bringing up two children.


Francoise Gilot is alive and working everyday.

She is exhibitioning her work in New York, spring 2015.


"Nobody leaves Picasso!"

"Then you are about to experience something new!"




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