Mrs. Picasso - The international traveling play is in Amsterdam
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"Sitting almost face-to-face with the actress, it isn't difficult for the audience to be captivated from the minute Van Ramshorst enter the stage and stay engaged with the emotional turmoil of the tale of two women in Picasso's life"

Time Out Shanghai, April 7, 2015

"It's a compelling story about the emotional battle between art and love."


Read the full interview here: That's Magazines, March 31, 2015

"You'll gain insight not just into their relationships with Picasso but also into their constant battles between love and art. Which one do you identify with more?"

Shanghai Daily Secret, April 2, 2015

Quotes from the audience:



Virginia Proud:

"A hugely entertaining and compelling performance that travels from out loud laughter to tears."


Ueli Riegg:

"An actress, being an actress and two characters draw you in into a biographic and captivating story about two women in two different relationships with Picasso. The actress mesmerizes her audience with words. I have never been so happy to get seduced before."

Ed Barzilaij:

“Witnessed Carlijn van Ramshort's latest creation Mrs. Picasso. Six performances only in Shanghai, the kick off of a world tour for sure. Carlijn proved again the power of storytelling. An impressive intensive monologue became an intimate dialogue with a stock-still audience. Narrative is the most powerful way to break down resistance and reach the heart. Thanks Carlijn, what a great acting.”


Anthony Ruys:

"Carlijn plays an impressive role that requires the full attention of herself and her audience. She is impressive, refined and mysterious. She is extremely attractive in her direct approach towards the audience, very exciting."


Suzanne Cohen de Lara-van Reeuwijk:

"The captivating story about Picasso's wives keeps you breathless from the very beginning. Carlijn van Ramshorst takes you into the minds of these remarkable women and they just won't let you go. Carlijn got to me from the moment she stepped on stage and the story kept on wandering in my head for days after."


Time Out Shanghai:

“It isn't difficult for the audience to be captivated from the minute Ramshorst enters the stage and stay engaged with the emotional turmoil of the tale of two women in Picasso's life. Ramshorst's acting truly captures the essence of Khokhlova. It’s intense and heartbreaking, truly enjoyable to watch.”


Fleur Loudon:

“Words fail…. From the first moment till the last, Carlijn's moving interpretation of Mrs. Picasso kept her audience spellbound and nailed to their seats. Carlijn and her Mrs. Picasso, on stage she becomes Olga and Francoise in a blink of an eye. Carlijn certainly has a great and promising career ahead of her."


Winnie van der Wal:

“Mrs. Picasso captivates the audience as soon as Carlijn steps on stage until long after the show. It's a story in which most women can recognize themselves and it's delivered in a strong and powerful monologue.“


Keiko Takahashi:

“Awesome performance! It was really breath taking and I enjoyed it very much. The emotional expression was really touching to my heart. Carlijn is a great actress!”


Emilie Hardinge:

“Absolutely stunning and powerful and confrontational. I loved every moment of it.”


Kirsten Olsen:

“Captivating performance! Mrs. Picasso deeply touched me.”


Ans Hooft:

“We were left breathless… Carlijn is amazing.”

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